Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Avery is getting bigger every day, big sister is getting . . .bossier? She still loves to hold her and has become quite protective of her little sister. Mom is getting ready to go back to work fulltime next week and things will be very hectic - so my apologies for lagging on the photos. We have plenty, they just don't seem to be making it on line. Spoil Alert - Halloween is this Saturday and the girls will be dressed as . . .and no, I did not force this on them - it was Maylen's idea. They will be PEAS and CARROTS! The idea actually began with Maylen talking about being a horse - but she informed me that she could not be a horse - Why? Because horses have 4 legs, and she only has 2 - ahh, to be 3. But she feeds them carrots - so she could be a carrot and her sister could be an apple. Try finding an apple costume....or a carrot. So, we bought peas instead (thanks Kim) and I made the carrot costume - with all that extra time I have on my hands.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Phoebe and Maylen waiting patiently on our wagon ride to the corn maze
Bradyn, Connor, Maylen & Phoebe with their "freshly" picked pumpkins. I quote fresh because historically when we visit a pumpkin patch we expect the pumpkins to be connected to a vine . . .usually extending from the dirt. After paying 5 bucks for the kids to do the corn maze and "pick your own pumpkin" we pulled up to a dirt patch with small pumpkins scratter every few feet. It was actually perfect for their age - but maybe "select your own pumpkin" would have been a better description. The farm really was cute . . .but it did take an hour to get there . . .and there was a Redskins game on . . .daddy would have been more enthused had it been closer and not Sunday football, unfortunately last time I checked Fall is always football season.

The gentleman driving the tractor could have used a lesson on people skills - after all we did pay 5 bucks for our kids to bend over and select a pumpkin from a dirt patch. Let's just say you'd better sit down as soon as you climb on the wagon, otherwise "Uncle Earl" here is going to give you a piece of his mind.

Completely oblivious to the corn, pumpkins or anything else non-pacifier

Hangin' out on the wooden ship . . . which I did notice lacked a fall zone, had a very steep slide and a sliding pole down the middle (hidden from obvious view). I hope the pumpkin patch has good insurance.

Beach, Sushi and Other Luxuries

Aunt Kate sent Maylen a play sushi set! She had some hard questions about what each piece was called . . . I love sushi, but I'm not well schooled in the japanese phrases.

4 Generations of wise women . . .

Lunch at Morgan's Tavern, our New Bern favorite.

Maylen loves to lay next to Avery and coax a smile from her. . .sometimes we coax screaming instead.

Avery's first trip to the beach. The weather was very fall like when we visited this September.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Growing like a Weed

The boys came to visit this afternoon - both boys will be big brothers soon - we're hoping to even out the teams! So far we're 3-2 boys. C'mon team kelly!!!
We love Aunt Kim!

Snooze . . .side note: Chris hates this sweater, I love it.

Avery's first wedding - congrates Kyle and Lea, we had a blast.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Review of Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat & Base - Extreme

Toys R Us

The KeyFit 30 infant car seat accomodates infants from 4 to 30 lbs. The car seat harness has one-pull tightening & loosening for quick harness fitting. The thickly-padded infant insert gives extra support for a smaller baby around the head, neck, back & bottom. The carrier shell is lined...

Safe but not perfection

Erin mother of two New Bern, NC 9/13/2009


4 5

Pros: Sturdy, Easy to Adjust, Easy to install, Safe, Stylish

Cons: Heavy

Best Uses: Preemies, Infants, Newborn

Describe Yourself: Parent of Two or More Children

Bought this infant seat for our 2nd daughter after buying a cheap infant seat for our 1st and finding it had too much movement even when properly installed. This seat installs much better, very secure. We were seeking safety in a crash and I believe the seat would be much better. Like all things, it has a few downfalls. When installed, the seat is large (depth wise). I was forced to install on the passenger's side of my Acura TSX because my husband can't fit in the drivers seat with it installed on drivers side. Others warned the seat is hot - and it is, my daughter is often damp-feeling when I lift her out - but it IS summer in the south. The seat does not position on shopping carts as my other would. Now, this really isn't safe to do regardless, so maybe that's why - but if you're looking for that feature this is not the seat for you. Lastly, the seat is heavy - even with my newborn. Add all these items up and I come to the conclusion that the seat is heavier and bigger - most likely because it was built for safety, not convenience. Afterall, that's the point.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Rub a Dub Dub - One Chick in a Tub

Special thank you to Meaghan, Nicole, Bridget & Kristin for the adorable Chick Towel (among other fabulous gifts). This was Miss Avery's 3rd "real bath" and she actually enjoyed it today!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 weeks old

Hello everyone, I know I haven't been posting as often as you would like . . .so I've linked over 60 pictures via the snapfish feature to the right. It's a little difficult to see which pictures I've selected to be uploaded when I'm choosing - the result being some rather unflattering pictures of me . . .please do not post these to anywhere - including facebook!! You get to enjoy your own private chuckle at my terrible expressions and double chin, but this is an invite only showing! Included are random pics of Maylen's room which didn't show on a prior post for some unknown reason. Okay, baby screaming . . .duty calls.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Avery Carrington Brandt has arrived!

Avery Carrington Brandt, born July 28, 2009 at 9:21am weighing 7lbs. 14ozs. & 21 inches long - the exact same size as big sister Maylen was! Mom and baby are doing great, everyone came home Wednesday and are working to adjust to the new schedule.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day at the Park

Chris and Maylen fed the baby ducks. . . Aunt Kate and Erin watched and tried not to get pooped on.
Maylen and Aunt Kate

The matching was not planned . . . I literally have 3 outfits left in my closet that fit . . .and by "fit", I mean are appropriate for public view. Don't even ask what I'm going to wear to the office this week.

Really . . .the skirt just happens to bring it all together, that belly is HUGE!!!

The weather was beautiful this morning, but as lunchtime came it was definitely hot - Maylen hitched a ride and complained that "Daddy's head is wet!" HEY, then step off sunshine, I could really use someone to carry me about now [read: very evil Mommy thought].

The Nursery

The baby will be sleeping in our room for the first month or so. I borrowed this vintage cradle from my Aunt Connie and found a cottage quilt with scallop-edging that I re-cut and sewed into cradle bedding. Let's hope she likes a cradle more than Maylen did, otherwise I spent a lot of energy on something that will never get used.

Maylen moved into her new room in early April and so we had to paint and buy new bedding. This isn't quite the finished product, we had to move it around to fit her pink kitchen and other important big sister items.
So, here is the baby's nursery, not much changed from when Maylen was in this room, but some may not have to see us, so here's a little peek. I love the different shades of blue . . .I did not love painting them, and I highly doubt I will love the job of painting over them when we have to sell this house.

Maylen officially moved to her new "big girl" room in early April.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Baby Brandt is due to arrive within the next 2 weeks . . .which honestly feels like an eternity at moments and MUCH too soon at others. Chris is convinced I will be having the baby after my due date, I'm really hoping he's wrong.

It's a delicate balance between trying to enjoy our last days as a family of three and dealing with my impatience with being pregnant. I've been feeling really good these last few weeks, work and running after a two year old has been a great distraction. Unfortunately, the last few days have brought the anxious feeling of just wanting to know when this baby is going to come!

Maylen was born at 37 weeks, 6 days - which is most likely why the impatience has set in at 38 weeks. Chris has an important project finishing up at work this week - topping it off would be the overnight trip for work planned for the 24th and 25th. . . he's really pushing the envelope this time around. Let's just hope the new addition gives us plenty of notice when she decides to join us.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

We enjoyed a wonderful week of sunshine and sand in May. My family was nice enough to let us stay for the week and Uncle Dale took advantage of some fleeting moments of sun to take some shots of Maylen playing on the beach. He has been taking pictures for us for years and this was no disappointment - the candids were, as usual, my favorite.

B is for Big Sister

Well . . . its been over a year since I've updated our kelleybrandtbaby blog and in that time I've forgotten the password and closed the email account I was using to login . . .so here we are, forced to create another account.

We're about one month away from welcoming baby number two to the Brandt household and everyone is very excited. Maylen is preparing to become the "best" big sister - she's bossing Pate around on a daily basis . . .sharpening her "big sister" tone with each additional command.

We are 99% sure of the new baby's name - hence the name of the new blog. Being I was terrified Maylen would not in fact be the baby girl the ultrasound tech had suspected, it would be completely fitting that this baby be a boy . . . furthering my jinx - I have outfitted an entire arsenal of powder pink newborn items to supplement the green and yellow I insisted upon for Maylen.

I've been very busy enjoying my "new" job as a health and nutrition specialist for our local Head Start here in Eastern NC - so needless to say between Chris's detachments, my 40 hour work week and a two year old running me ragged - I haven't been very diligent about the blog. Well, I promise to keep everyone updated over the next few months. I plan to take at least 2 months maternity leave and with that extra time I hope to keep this blog up to date.

I hope this finds everyone well and look forward to hearing from every one.

Erin, Chris & Maylen