Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Nursery

The baby will be sleeping in our room for the first month or so. I borrowed this vintage cradle from my Aunt Connie and found a cottage quilt with scallop-edging that I re-cut and sewed into cradle bedding. Let's hope she likes a cradle more than Maylen did, otherwise I spent a lot of energy on something that will never get used.

Maylen moved into her new room in early April and so we had to paint and buy new bedding. This isn't quite the finished product, we had to move it around to fit her pink kitchen and other important big sister items.
So, here is the baby's nursery, not much changed from when Maylen was in this room, but some may not have to see us, so here's a little peek. I love the different shades of blue . . .I did not love painting them, and I highly doubt I will love the job of painting over them when we have to sell this house.

Maylen officially moved to her new "big girl" room in early April.

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  1. Oh i love the cradle bedding. You did such a nice job. I love the pink and green super cute! Good luck this week love u!!!