Sunday, June 28, 2009

We enjoyed a wonderful week of sunshine and sand in May. My family was nice enough to let us stay for the week and Uncle Dale took advantage of some fleeting moments of sun to take some shots of Maylen playing on the beach. He has been taking pictures for us for years and this was no disappointment - the candids were, as usual, my favorite.

B is for Big Sister

Well . . . its been over a year since I've updated our kelleybrandtbaby blog and in that time I've forgotten the password and closed the email account I was using to login . . .so here we are, forced to create another account.

We're about one month away from welcoming baby number two to the Brandt household and everyone is very excited. Maylen is preparing to become the "best" big sister - she's bossing Pate around on a daily basis . . .sharpening her "big sister" tone with each additional command.

We are 99% sure of the new baby's name - hence the name of the new blog. Being I was terrified Maylen would not in fact be the baby girl the ultrasound tech had suspected, it would be completely fitting that this baby be a boy . . . furthering my jinx - I have outfitted an entire arsenal of powder pink newborn items to supplement the green and yellow I insisted upon for Maylen.

I've been very busy enjoying my "new" job as a health and nutrition specialist for our local Head Start here in Eastern NC - so needless to say between Chris's detachments, my 40 hour work week and a two year old running me ragged - I haven't been very diligent about the blog. Well, I promise to keep everyone updated over the next few months. I plan to take at least 2 months maternity leave and with that extra time I hope to keep this blog up to date.

I hope this finds everyone well and look forward to hearing from every one.

Erin, Chris & Maylen