Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day at the Park

Chris and Maylen fed the baby ducks. . . Aunt Kate and Erin watched and tried not to get pooped on.
Maylen and Aunt Kate

The matching was not planned . . . I literally have 3 outfits left in my closet that fit . . .and by "fit", I mean are appropriate for public view. Don't even ask what I'm going to wear to the office this week.

Really . . .the skirt just happens to bring it all together, that belly is HUGE!!!

The weather was beautiful this morning, but as lunchtime came it was definitely hot - Maylen hitched a ride and complained that "Daddy's head is wet!" HEY, then step off sunshine, I could really use someone to carry me about now [read: very evil Mommy thought].

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