Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Avery is getting bigger every day, big sister is getting . . .bossier? She still loves to hold her and has become quite protective of her little sister. Mom is getting ready to go back to work fulltime next week and things will be very hectic - so my apologies for lagging on the photos. We have plenty, they just don't seem to be making it on line. Spoil Alert - Halloween is this Saturday and the girls will be dressed as . . .and no, I did not force this on them - it was Maylen's idea. They will be PEAS and CARROTS! The idea actually began with Maylen talking about being a horse - but she informed me that she could not be a horse - Why? Because horses have 4 legs, and she only has 2 - ahh, to be 3. But she feeds them carrots - so she could be a carrot and her sister could be an apple. Try finding an apple costume....or a carrot. So, we bought peas instead (thanks Kim) and I made the carrot costume - with all that extra time I have on my hands.


  1. What cute halloween ideas! This car thing that Avery is chillen in is quite interesting as well! Ahh the things they have now days!

  2. Maylen is definitely too cool for school in that picture. Both of them are so cute.